23 comments on “Naked Before God: Trials and Tribulations

  1. Ah…yes, David. I’m named after this guy… Talk about a king/man humble(d) before people. Sometimes I feel embarrassed meeting people because they instantly think of Goliath and then Bathsheba.

    But I am truly thankful for his honesty in the psalms. I find his words freeing, like they’re God’s gift to all of us–not just a model saying that we are allowed to be completely open, but a guide for those of us who have trouble finding the words because we actually don’t know what we’re feeling. And that’s me, lots of the time.

    Thanks for the reminder to read through the psalms.

  2. Jesus taught us to think of God as Father, not some invisible entity to fear, there are few relationships closer than a child and their father (with respect to mothers). In my relationship I have laughed, cried, petitioned, even yelled at God out of anger and despair. Sometimes I think we put him at an arms length instead of as a child’s hug. I blame all the Thou’s and Thee’s that we have in our Bibles and songs. Few realize that in the time of the King James that Thee and Thou were terms of endearment, not subjugation.

  3. Odd how the word naked is another for relationship. Never seen that so clearly as in this post, thank you! And two thoughts come to mind –

    The first is something Little Monk (who else) offered. That we need to “forgive God” all the bad stuff that happens. I find that profound. What else nurtures relationship more than that degree of intimacy – to forgive God? Because what follows that forgiveness … ? Honesty.

    The second was from Mel Wild today. That the simplicity of discipleship and ever deepening relationship is not in learning – but in “unlearning”. I find that profound as well. That by unlearning all the layers we have put on, we find nakedness and openness and humility when we disrobe – when we “unlearn” all the wisdom we chase our whole lives.

    It seems to be there is a “paring away” consistent with nakedness. And an intimacy going far beyond the “standard God – us” template. One that is relationship or nakedness or intimacy or humility or simplicity (or complexity if anyone wishes) – and ends up in a place unique to each of us: what works “works”.

  4. I think that how we approach God, particularly during-trying times, depends on how we perceive Him, and is often based on what we have be taught about Him and our own family-experiences. Is God the stern Law-giver and scowling Judge who keeps His “belt” handy to “take us to the woodshed” at the slightest-provocation, or is He our loving Heavenly-Father who hurts when we hurt, cries when we cry, and longs for us to sit on His lap so He can comfort us in our struggles?

    As I grew up, I knew that Jesus loves me, but I wasn’t so sure about God the Father, because I was raised in a very legalistic environment by an exacting-dad. I could go to mom, but not to dad. If God was anything like my dad…

    I used to have a pastor who was fond of saying, “If God has a refrigerator, He has your pictures plastered all over it”. That is the picture of a loving, Heavenly-Father, one who is approachable.

    I too have had MANY struggles, and it has taken me many years, and seemingly too many trips to the “woodshed” to get my attention, for me to start coming-around to seeing God as my loving Heavenly-Father. Yes, God DOES take us to the “woodshed” once in a while, but He always does out of love, NOT because He is “mad” at us. God’s loving-faithfulness is amazing, and THAT is what is bringing me around in how I see Him.



  5. I must always keep in mind the level of His love for me. When I do that I can go before Him with anything, but when I don’t I end up staying away out of fear.

    God loves us and does not want to hurt us. God just wants what is best for us to make us just like Jesus who is just like He is.

  6. When times were the hardest and my God sensors were malfunctioning (do to everything mentioned in previous comments), I would enter Grace Church, kneel, and bow my head for 10 minutes or more. Was it for appearances? I don’t think so, but in truth, what I prayed took about the first 4 seconds: “Okay, God. I’m here.”. The rest of the time was spent waiting, maybe hoping something would happen, but mostly hoping the Spirit was praying for me because I had no words.

  7. Some of us didn’t have fathers (or good fathers). Maybe that was David. Perhaps he had to cry out to God at a young age because he knew no one else was listening. Through childlike eyes, He is always precious.

    A breath away
    storms try to rip us from life
    He holds us close

  8. Pray in humility. Excellent idea!

    The Lord’s Prayer calls upon us to a approach God as our Heavenly Father. Jesus pointedly told us that we needed to be as a child.

    I have been thinking about humility. It has slowly been sinking in that being humble is perhaps the hardest thing. Salvation is gift. We cannot save ourselves. Just the same we have to work at being humble, and yet we have to avoid becoming proud in that “work.” Where is the formula for humility, becoming a child again? I wish I knew.

    Why is it so important to be humble? Well, there is the obvious, I suppose. We have to love God more than anything, even our self. Yet I think it is more basic than that. Until we stop focusing on our self, we cannot love. Until we take our eyes off our self, we cannot truly perceive anyone else, especially the intangible Spirit of God.

    But it is so difficult not to think about “me.”

  9. Our Pastor was just telling us that excuse the expression lol but to be intimate requires us to be but naked before God. If we are truly friends with God then we should be able to bare all. Some of have friends that we share the most intimate details with, but we leave God out of the picture. Thank you for confirming. I will work on being more intimate with me God. Have a blessed day!

  10. Trials and tribulations are a key ingredient to growing in our relationship with God. He does not cause them, but allows them to happen so that we will recognize His mercy and love for us.

    I have just started cancer treatments, which many would take to be a discouraging time. But I know I am in His hands, and He will work all things for His glory and for my good. There is no doubt in in or my spirit at all. That is His promise.

    Embrace the harder times, knowing they are for the greater good,

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