8 comments on “A River Story

  1. I see it as where God is there is life. Paul tells us that we are now the temple of God. Again where God is there is life. God should be flowing out of us to everyone around us bringing life to them. We should be overflowing with God and having the abundant life Jesus talked about.

  2. Thanks for taking us to the bare bones of the truth–He is life. Life alone is in Him. We as broken people can bring death and destruction, but only God can give life. Real life. I appreciate this.

  3. “where the river flows everything will live”

    A while back I described my ‘duty’ as merely ‘showing up’ to plant seeds or implant grains of sand. There are many seeds lying dormant in the desert. But when the rains come or if a river is introduced, these seeds sprout and grow. I’m not sure if a similar principle applies to fish, but God is capable…

    What I am struck with is the image of the river growing deeper the farther Ezekiel got from the apparent source, The Temple. First of all, as experienced on this earth, normally as water flows from a single source, the water would gradually diminish from absorption into the soil, etc….but not in this instance. That tells me that water must be feeding in from other sources; perhaps in the new earth, when the Spirit begins ‘flowing,’ the spirits of believers add to it and the ‘water of life’ increases. Another analogy would be a soloist being gradually joined by others until there is a great chorus.

    Secondly, if, in fact, the water is accumulating and swelling from the Dead Sea back up hill to The Temple, that would happen only if there is no absorption into the soil or waste….which implies that no dispensing of the Spirit is wasted. Dare I say, none of our efforts to spread the good news is wasted.

    Now, as I am barely functioning on less than 4 hours sleep, this may all be hooey. In others words, take this with a grain of sand.

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