11 comments on “Introduction to Acts

  1. Looking forward to joining you in your journey through Acts. Also….to find out how 11 young and dazed men became 12 apostles. (multiplying fishes and loaves thing, I imagine) 🙂 Blessings.

  2. Actually, 11 DID become 13, because Judas was “replaced” by Matthias in Acts 1:15-26, and Paul was commissioned by the Risen Lord in Acts 9:1-22. Paul may have considered himself “the least of the Apostles, but he has had more impact on the growth of the Church than all the rest combined.



  3. Having been through a few commentaries on Acts, with their detailed descriptions of practically every word, I’m looking forward to a tour of this record of the early workings of the Holy Spirit in the Church from a this-is-the-point perspective.

  4. A few days ago, my historical novel, LUKE: SLAVE & PHYSICIAN, became available on Amazon. Yes, Paul called him a physician, but yes it was different then. Almost always, physicians were slaves of rich families and served only that family. Physicians usually learned their trade by apprenticeship, though in the first century a few medical schools were established. The last one-third of the book has Luke traveling the world to find and interview the apostles. I know people say he wrote the gospel and Acts before Paul died, but who knows?

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