4 comments on “The Story Begins

  1. In my researh for my novel on Luke, I learned “most excellent” was used like we do “your honor” or “the honorable” today. It was a term for senators, or commoners who have been knighted for some act of favor. These were the governors, Legates, etc.

  2. Like Paul and all of the authors of the new testament, Luke wrote in Greek. Greek was the language of the educated in the eastern Roman empire, and was widely understood in the cities of Judea. While Jesus and his followers almost certainly spoke Aramaic, the gospels were written years later (Acts was likely written about 20 years after the crucifixion).
    It is not surprising that the idea that Jesus was to be the cosmic judge, the Son of Man, was not held by all of his disciples. The Jews commonly believed that the messiah would be either a warrior king or a living prophet who would lead the Jewish people. The Christian idea that Jesus was the messiah, resurrected and exalted to the right hand of god, was a new one. In early Christianity, many of the churches, including the one in Jerusalem, led by Jesus’s brother James, held that Jesus was merely a prophet, and not the son of God. Over time, the Christian doctrine that he was the divinely ordained messiah became the dominant belief.

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