7 comments on “Peter’s First Address (2)

  1. I love how you broke this down so well. I’ve oft read these passages but I don’t think it ever really sank in until today. That Peter moved out of the way and let the Holy Spirit speak through him is an amazing testament to the power of the Holy Spirit itself! If God can use little old Peter to deliver such a powerful message then I know that He can still use me. Thank you so much!

  2. It’s so important to continually check in with the Spirit to be sure our own agendas do not influence our actions. If we have remained stuck in a particular way of thinking for decades, maybe we need to ask ourselves if we have been allowing the Spirit to transform our hearts and minds into God’s way of thinking?

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  4. The psalm Peter quotes as evidence that Jesus was the messiah (psalm 110) was, according to biblical historian Bart Ehrman, understood by the Jews of the first century to refer to the king. He analyses the original Greek of the psalm in his book “How Jesus Became God”. The first instance of the word Lord is the tetragammaton (YHWH), whereas the second is the Greek word adoni, which could be used to refer to a king but, as Ehrman points out, is the same word a slave would use to refer to his master. Here’s Ehrman’s analysis of the quote, which fits perfectly with Peter’s, if one assumes the king being referred to is Jesus:
    “The king, sitting at God’s right hand is not God Almighty himself… But he is … one whom He has exalted up to the level of his own throne. The king is … a divine being who lives in the presence of God, above all other creatures.”

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