12 comments on “Those Who’ve Gone Before

  1. You are right. There is nothing new under the sun…well, computers, maybe.

    But, to read some blogs, you would think spiritual warfare is new, or at least greater than it has been, and that we are in danger of losing the battle…and that is wrong. Furthermore, fear and discouragement plays into the hand of evil. Not only do we need to pass on our faith, we need to remind our children: The battle has been won. Jesus was victorious over death and evil on the cross. What is left…what is going on now…is the playing out. Keep a strong heart. Christ is victorious.

    We forget that this is not heaven; this is the life before the afterlife. (I know; I keep repeating that.) This is where the battles are fought and the tribulation will take place. But we have eternity to look forward to. And, even now, here on earth, we have the love of Jesus and the peace of God the Father.

    Thanks be to God and to Him, the Glory.

  2. Yes, we DO have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks to my dad’s early Bible teaching, and the many good pastor-teachers I have sat under through the years, and my dad’s passion for serving the Lord, I am now in the ministry. Dad didn’t live to see this day, he died in October 2013, so he didn’t get to see the fruits of his labors in me, but I am sure that he always dreamed of a day when I would also be in the ministry.

    Now it is my turn to help raise up more laborers in our Lord’s mission-field. That is what making disciples is all about, raising up new disciple-makers, something I am striving to do with God’s help. I DON’T feel like I am adequate for this task, but that is okay, because our Lord is MORE than adequate. I give it my best, and leave the rest up to our Lord.



  3. The atheists scoff at finding truth in the writings of bronze age desert dwellers and mock Jesus as an illiterate preacher from rural Galilee, a backwater district in an unimportant province of the Roman empire. And yet his ideas those of his followers were so powerful that they were adopted by the Romans, spread across Europe and much of Asia and Africa, and later brought to the new world. Like the Illiad and the Odessey, the Torah, the gospels, and the letters of Paul, and the apocalypse of John the divine will continue to reverberate in the collective mind of humanity.

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