8 comments on “False Testimony before the Sanhedrin

  1. The Lord was with him. So he was not of this world but of the Spirit, thus people of this world won’t understand him. That is what Jesus Christ our Saviour said would happen. Hallelujah

  2. LOL!…Take a hard look at how the account of Stephen is written. When I read it as a father and as a manager, and as a leader of men (Navy), I want to pull him out of the crowd and ‘explain’ a few things to him. His story is written to make him a ‘hero’ and to introduce Saul of Tarsus. However, as it is written, Stephen acts as a spoiled and privileged brat who needs to be taught a lesson. Unfortunately, the lesson is taught with stones. Only in view of the cleansing of the Temple by Jesus is there anything close to Stephen’s self-righteousness displayed in the Gospels.

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