19 comments on “There are times in the life of a writer…

  1. Remember, God is sovereign. This unexpected interruption in your writing was well known to Him. Look for the lessons that He has taught you during these days … and I look forward to reading more of your incredible writing! Blessings to you.

  2. Brother, I can sure relate to that. There are times when I come up with a “good idea” but it falls flat after just a few lines. So, I just put it in the “fridge” for another time. Other things hit me like lightning-bolts and I can barely type fast enough as it almost writes itself. I have over fifty posts in the “fridge” right now, so if I completed one per week, it would take me over a year to clear out the “fridge”. Some of them may never see the light of day.

    Welcome back, whenever you can get your “writer’s-cap” back on.



  3. The weeds and snakes, good examples of attacks from the enemy. Life is full of weeds and snaked and here, we have alligators too. But now I look at things from a spiritual application and that is why I said I will write what God gives me to write. And if I pause, it is because God has been working on me. Teching me, showing me or guiding me into a truth I didn’t fully understand. Fresh air is wonderful.

  4. Good job! I, too, find solace– and sometimes ideas when I’m in the back little wooded area controlling the honeysuckle and transplanting a few unexpected seedlings from the front flower bed.

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