13 comments on “Photo of the Week: June 1, 2016

  1. You NEVER overdo it, Don. One day as I was meditating about the vastness of the universe, the Lord said to me, “Have you ever considered the edges of leaves?” Wow! Not just leaves, but the edges of leaves. Creator God has such attention to detail! Myriads of leaves and their edges consumed me for days after that, not to mention shades of green too many to count. I love your photos. Keep them coming!

  2. Every photo of a flower is evidence of God’s love for us. He could have made flowers grey and round, bu He didn’t. Instead he took His palette of colours and His limitless imagination and painted the most glorous variety of flowers for us to enjoy. Having recently been blessed with a day at the Chelsea Flower Show, I am still marvelling at the wonder of God’s flowers. Keep photographing, Don. Every photo you share gives glory to our Creator.

  3. You and I are photographically soul mates ! I do the same and for the same reason. Furthermore, I rejoice in having invested in a smart camera that has perfect vision.

    Shoot on, my dear. This is one way God has answered prayers for improved sight.

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