15 comments on “Our Awesome God

  1. I love hearing about the awesomeness of God. He is so deliberate in all He does. Even when I cannot see what he is doing in my life because my own imagination gets in the way, He is always working things out for my good. He works silently behind the scenes to bring about eternal change. The edge of the leaves is a great example. What is he doing right now on the edges of my life? That is worth seeking out!

  2. Many thanks, Don, for mentioning leaf edges… I never used to like the color green, but Father God’s question about leaf edges caused me to adore green! He planned exquisite leaf edges and myriads of green shades of color eons before creating them – just as he planned good things to the tiniest detail for us eons before creating us. Wow!

  3. Don, You are so right. When you think of it all, everything He created, it is so amazing. To think that all the hairs on my head are numbered-is mind blowing. And that’s just one little thing. I remember someone once telling me that God is in all the details and the best part is He really cares about the details. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Carlene

  4. I am constantly stunned at the variety of His creation. The “more mature” I get…the more amazed I become. Still…I hadn’t thought about the edges of leaves until now! I also just discovered your blog – beautiful/meaningful words…beautiful pics!

  5. Thanks for posting about God’s creation, which is always amazing to me. I often write about “critters.” Thanks also for stopping by my blog today and liking a post. blessings to you

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