11 comments on “Pessimist or Optimist?

  1. I consider myself a realist. IMO! After reading and mulling Scripture for years I have come to the conclusion that Christianity, Judaism, Islam will slowly fade from belief. It has happened several times over the centuries (remember the Age of Enlightenment?), each time coming back less than it was. We are, again, in those times, and I am not sure I will see its resurgence in my lifetime. Eventually, as in the OT, the days of Sodom and Gammorah will return and God’s messengers will scour the earth for just ten righteous men; failing to do so will usher in the final days when God wipes the remnants of humanity, and the remaining nine will begin the age of the New Jerusalem.

  2. In spite of how bleak the outlook seems to us, God always has and will preserve a faithful remnant, and maybe in the “least-likely” of places. What if a mighty revival began among the handful of faithful nudist resort ministries and spread from there? That would seem to be the ultimate oxymoron, considering that nudists are the modern-day “Samaritans” of the church. Christ is building His church, so we need not fear for its future.



  3. This is so encouraging Don, thank you! Sometimes you just need to know that your zealousness for the Lord is not in vain.

  4. I am a little bit of both, myself – not just about the state of the world but the state of the modern church.

    Sometimes, when I think about the church and its place in the wider, non-believing world, I ask myself what the apostles would think of how the church (and the world) has evolved over time. Sometimes I think they’d be horrified at how materialistic and consumer-focused the church has become at a time when the dying world very badly and obviously needs the service and love of Christians…and sometimes I think they’d be amazed at how God’s love has ignited in so many faithful the desire to serve and love in the name of the Holy One whom they have not met in the flesh.

    As always and always, the world will decay and go on decaying – but as long as there is Light, there is hope indeed. That’s the glorious tension of our faith.

    • Indeed. I have a hunch that if they would pay us a visit, and send little report cars and critiques around the entirety of the church today, they would read quite a bit like the letters to the seven churches in Revelation; many problems, but still a few shining examples.

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