7 comments on “Antioch

  1. Hey Don,
    God’s chess board. I like that. Too often I don’t sit down and read an entire book of the Bible in one shot. I don’t know why we aren’t taught to read it that way to begin with–at least the first time through. Getting the Audio Bible has helped me with this a lot. I tend to hear things that I miss when reading.

  2. There is no mere happenstance. God has control in any situation. If we start to doubt that, then how can we possibly trust Him with our own lives. Good writing, Don.

  3. This is so spot on, Don. I know that I look at world happenings in light of my story and perspective. What I understand. The horror of some of what’s happening today keeps me from seeing our Sovereign God operating through pain and disaster to get His message across the way He knows it will be heard. Thanks for this eye-opening post.

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