9 comments on “A Word on the Discipline of Theology

  1. Very interesting. I appreciate the explanation on the difference between theology and doctrine. Now I would like to see a follow up blog and what the best way is to study God – to study theology. This is probably where ,most, including myself, miss the mark. We have our preconceived idea on how to study the bible, or God or Jesus, in seeking to understand His will in our lives.

    For me, the best study of God is to read His word and meditate on it, asking Him to reveal Himself in what I just read. I am not a big one for commentaries and other people’s opinions on what God said – I like to go straight to the source. God is my teacher, by way of His Holy Spirit, which leads me into all truth.

    It is also in spending time with Him, listening and talking to Him as if He were a real person sitting beside me, having coffee. He can explain His word to me better than anyone else!

    How do you, or have you, gone about with the study of God? With your theology? I would like a blog about that!

    • Pete I have written quite a bit on this in the past, most notably the series called “The Journey” (there’s a tab at the top page for that one, and also in “Nakedness as a Metaphor in Scripture” where I talk about being naked before God. Neither of these present things in quite the same framework you put it in, however. I may put it in your framework at some point… we’ll see, but for now, I must say that you seem to have a very good handle on it. One thing I would add to what you said here is that there really is no substitute for being well read on a variety of subjects, and history should be at the top of the list of subjects, for as Harry Truman said, “The only thing new in the world is history you don’t know.”

  2. Good explanation of the differences and history in academics. I also think theology is important because Jesus Christ is perfect theology. He’s the “lens” by which we understand God and Scripture.

    • I would suggest first “What the Bible Says About Covenant” by my old professor Mont W, Smith, and then any good history of the Emperor Constantine; the combination of the two, one theological (but easy to read) and the history will blow your mind!

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