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  1. Don, I have just posted this little bit on my blog site and I hope you don’t mind me sending folks to come read your pages! Here goes:


    A noun pointing at a verb.

    A verb pointing at actions.

    The book of Acts was written by Luke and in reality is part of the Gospel according to Luke. Sometimes, the Bible translators must have had a few discussions during tea breaks and found it necessary to lend the original authors a helping hand, or even offering God their assistance when they though He needed it.

    This book makes very interesting reading as it tells much about early Christianity, what doctrine believers originally followed in the first century. Over time, as we take a closer look at Acts, we will most likely find that the traditional Christianity that we honour today, may be quite different from what the Apostles and early Christians believed.

    A note on the Apostles: many are of the opinion that Paul was not a real apostle and that his claims were presumptions, even arrogant. Interestingly, Matthias was elected after Judas Iscariot died. We do not read much about the ministry of Matthias, though, simple because he was, as far as I could establish, executed for his faith and he died as a martyr. Anyone with a more solid account of history can please comment, mentioning source of information. Both Peter and Luke confirmed Paul’s credentials but the most important thing that we should bear in mind is that Paul did meet with Jesus, while he was on his way to persecute people of The Way. It is not true to say that Jesus never instructed Paul personally.

    Back to the Acts: Don Merritt, a well-known Christian author, has recently published an interesting blog post on the history as recorded by Luke. Read about the Paradigm Shift at https://lifereference.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/a-paradigm-shift/

    Comments welcome! Also, please consider following this blog so that you can be receiving regular updates; thank you for stopping by and for reading thus far.


    Challenging Established Beliefs – Proclaiming 1st Century Doctrine
    Pete praat #Afrikaans

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