14 comments on “A Point Well Made

  1. I have to admit, this is one of those tales that bothers me. Herod, this one being Antipas, died, according to secular records, in exile, charged with conspiracy to assassinate Caligula. In 39AD his territory was turned over to his nephew Agrippa, who brought the charges against him.

  2. As Modern Theologian commented, it is a very difficult passage that has caused much speculation. Both in what actually happened and what it says about God (seems God went Old Testament on him). Josephus records the same event and said that Herod died of a bowel disease five days later. That’s likely what actually happened. But why God picked people like Herod (and Ananias and Sapphira) for these unusual Old-Testament-like judgments is beyond my paygrade. 🙂

    One thing we can know for certain about this event…Herod was not “all that!”

  3. For the record, Dr. Constable says this Herod was not Antipas but Agrippa: “Herod the king” was Herod Agrippa I whom the Roman emperor Gaius appointed king over Palestine in A.D. 37. He ruled Judea for three years, A.D. 41-44[521] (cf. v. 23), and moved his headquarters to Jerusalem. Herod Agrippa I had Jewish blood in his veins and consistently sought to maintain favor with and the support of the Jews over whom he ruled, which he did effectively.[522] As the Christian Jews became increasingly offensive to their racial brethren (cf. 11:18), Herod took advantage of an opportunity to please his subjects by mistreating some believers and by executing the Apostle James, the brother of John (cf. Matt. 20:23 it is hard keeping those Herods straight…I for sure can’t …but if you go to Lumina.bible.org and read the commentary by Dr. Constable you will see what he says.

    • That you for sharing this info, and everyone is free to consider the various views on this and other cases where there is a variance of opinion. When I taught Seminary students, we got into this sort of thing all the time, and I came to realize, that while it is important academically to question and investigate such matters… and there are many like this… they tend to take our eyes off the ball, cause debates and disputes based upon this or that inference, since we can only infer the timeline anyway. Thus, I’ve left that out entirely in this, and several other posts and tried to focus attention on the application instead. Of course, this approach is maddening to some 🙂 but a godsend for others…

      Thanks again for the research and info, which no doubt will be helpful for many!

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