5 comments on “The Path of Life

  1. Beautiful, Don. We never knew where the path will lead us. I was walking along fine until cancer came onto my path in March. But I know as long as I stay on God’s path, worshiping Him and trusting in His mercy, I will get to the end of my path when He appoints it. Nothing this earth or our enemy can throw at me will change that. This was a very timely reminder of that on this critical stem transplant day. God bless you for all you do!

  2. I chuckled to myself when I saw your headline. Just this weekend, I was again enjoying James Taylor’s “Secret of Life”. It’s a pleasant and thoughtful song about ‘enjoying the passage of time’, a truth that often isn’t learned until one reaches a certain stage of life.

    Love your imagery of walking down a path, drinking in the beauty of the journey, while also being comforted in knowing that you walking with Jesus.

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