In the Still of the Morning

Maybe I’m just a morning person, maybe you think I’m nuts, but morning is my favorite time of day.  I think it’s worth it to enjoy the stillness of the early morning light.  I took this photo very early one  morning.  The air was warm, the birds were singing and other than that all was quiet; the scene was glorious…

I sat by the water and reflected on the greatness of our God, recalling those great characters of the Scriptures who have gone before, and how often they did the same thing that I was doing.

Give ear to my words, O Lord,
    consider my sighing. 
Listen to my cry for help, 
    my King and my God, 
    for to you I pray.
In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice;
    in the morning I lay my requests before you
    and wait in expectation.

Psalm 5:1-3

There is nothing like reflection and prayer in the early morning stillness, before the bustle of the day begins.  It sets our sights on the goal, it sets our minds in the right direction. The whole day will be better, our walk with Christ will be closer, and somehow life makes sense after all.

Yes, it’s true; there’s nothing like the stillness of the morning!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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39 Responses to In the Still of the Morning

  1. Russ P. says:

    Your are absolutely right on the mark. I, too, am a morning person and love the stillness and quiet. I just feel that much closer to God. Great post Don!

  2. Pete says:

    I couldn’t agree more

  3. Tom says:

    Amen! I agree that the quiet stillness of morning is the best time to hear God and see His glory. It makes for a better day.

  4. Steve B says:

    Hurumph – morning people blahh. Give me evening anytime. 🙂

  5. paulfg says:

    “The air was warm, the birds were singing and other than that all was quiet; the scene was glorious…”

    If we were all morning people – it might not be so quiet!! 🙂

  6. Matt Brumage says:

    Sorry, what were you saying? I hadn’t had my coffee yet. But I agree, especially camping. I get to go and enjoy the beauty of the Sierra Nevada’s this weekend and I am so excited for the mornings. Yes, there will be coffee, but there will be the stillness as the birds and critters get as much done as they can before people all wake up and start making a cacophony of bustling activity. Few things are better than a morning camp fire, hot coffee, and the quiet buzz and chirp of the forest in the morning.

  7. Kitsy says:

    My (formerly estranged) sister asked me recently if I were a morning person; she was wanting to know when would be a good time to call in the future. I told her I am a morning person but failed to add: but I would rather not be disturbed then. I, like you, spend my quiet mornings open to communication with God. We walk together in the (relative) coolness of the morning, feet wet with (relative) dew, and I fill my bird feeders and bird bath. Sometimes we speak;

    ” In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice;
    in the morning I lay my requests before you
    and wait in expectation ”

    …sometimes I just breathe with no running commentary. But He is there. That is a favorite time to lay at His feet issues that have come up in my dreams, remnants of discourses from the night before, emotions laying heavy on my heart.

    (Thank you, Jesus, my companion of the morning…my blessed Lord.)

  8. Blessed to know I’m among precious brothers and sisters in the early hours as we commune with our Lord. Bless you for this post, and look forward to more. Love the pic…my camera’s a part of my right hand 🙂

  9. mannasplace says:

    Wonderful words…wonderful pic!

  10. godselfie says:

    I am a morning person too and this is also one of my favorite psalm.

  11. Laquita says:

    I agree so much with this post, especially since I enjoy the mornings as well. And nature is just magnificent to me. It gives me one more chance to see God’s glory and His creation…nice photo!

  12. While I appreciate morning people, my husband being a prime example, I don’t believe that 6:00 comes more than once a day, in the early evening. So, I guess I am in the camp with Steve B. I can be running on all cylinders at midnight, but don’t ask me a question at 7 a.m. My time spent thinking of my Lord is usually after my husband has drifted off to sleep and the house is still with sleeping canines at my feet.

  13. Yeah, what you and Kitsy said. 🙂

  14. Carlene W. says:

    I will agree, Don, that the morning stillness is probably the best time of the day to witness the quiet of the breeze, water shimmering in the early morning sunrise, and nature at it’s best. I am glad you shared this image and thoughts with me, because I have never been a morning person and most likely, will never be. I enjoy the quiet of the night, when the world sleeps, and you can see the stars in the sky and the stillness. But that’s okay. God created each of us differently. It would be a very boring life, if we all felt the same way about everything. I love reading your thoughts, insights and teachings. Blessings to you.

  15. Jenny Lee says:

    I always wake up early in the morning to do my quiet time with Jesus before the day starts and my young ones wake up. Sometimes it is hard but it is always peaceful and quiet and worth it. 🙂

  16. oneta hayes says:

    I came over to browse a bit in return for your like on my Jesus, serving… This system’s like a nice place to be.

  17. Great words of wisdom

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, Don, for visiting my website, (Growing in Grace…at any age!) Your visit pointed my way to your site, which is beautiful!! The metaphor of “The Life Project” got me thinking of a blog I plan to write soon based on Sandi Patti’s song, Artist of my Soul. And I absolutely loved reading “In the Still of the Morning.” It brought calmness to the rest of my day.

  19. That was an awesome post Don! I am a morning person too. To get up spend time in prayer with God just like you said sets the tone for the day. Helps to make sense out of this life. Thank you for sharing!

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