6 comments on “Now That’s Interesting

  1. I wondered about that for a long time too, because it seemed to be an oxymoron, until I started to understand the life and culture of the 1st-century Jews in the light of Old Testament history. We take private bathrooms for granted, but they didn’t have any such conveniences.

    I used to have a sister-in-law who raised her family in a three-room house with a pump and a path. She didn’t get indoor plumbing until she moved into town in the early 90’s.



      • Yes, hundreds of people gathered every day at the Roman bath-houses, others gathered every day at the Greek gymnasiums, and the “purification-pools” got lots of visitors. While I prefer to take care of my “business” in a private restroom, I, and many like me, think nothing of showering in an open-air shower.

        Naked slaves, going about their business, were a common sight, as were naked fishermen, naked farm-workers and naked gardeners. There is nothing “immodest” about the unclothed human body. It is OUR culture that has a problem with nudity. OUR culture has redefined “modesty” in a way that bears no resemblance to Biblical- modesty.

  2. Paul says he becomes all things to all people so that by all means he might win some, and I believe the context of that is that Paul puts no stumbling blocks before people’s faith in Jesus. His dirty, death, burial, and resurrection are enough difficulties without being culturally offensive too.

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