3 comments on “Crime and Punishment

  1. What’s always interested me about this incident is that what this demon-possessed girl was saying was accurate information, just said with the wrong spirit (some say she said it with a mocking tone, but there’s nothing to indicate that here). Many think that false prophecy must mean the word given is not true or doesn’t come to pass, but we’re told in the New Testament to test the spirits, not the accuracy of the word given (1 John 4:1). Obviously, Paul had such discernment.

    • I think you’re right Mel; he certainly could discern the spirits as he did in this instance. I’ve also wondered if her constantly saying that might have shiften the listeners’ attention away from the message, causing Paul’s irritation. That’s only a though of course, since Luke didn’t actually say… but it could have been like a sermon through which someone in the audience keeps yelling “Amen, praise God, that’s right…” At first it’s their enthusiasm for the message, but after a time it seems to have more of a “look at me” quality to it, and it’s just a distraction.

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