2 comments on “Moving Forward

  1. Don, I would like to make an observation here, it doesn’t say that a large number of the Jews were jealous. I bring this up not to point at flaws, but to point out that, like today, it doesn’t take a large number of people to cause problems, a vocal minority can stir up others to cause trouble. We see it repeatedly where a small number of irate people can cause trouble, such as with ISIS, they are hardly a majority in the Muslim community, but look at the problems they’ve caused worldwide.

    Again, I bring this up, not to point out flaws, but to ponder – how many in Thessalonica were really against Paul and Silas? We will never really know, but it does make one wonder.

    • I agree with your premise, particularly as it applies to the riots… actually I have much to say on that. Yet as it applies to the “jealous” ones , I think (rightly or wrongly) that Luke give us a clue: Notice in v. 4 that “some Jews” and a “large number” of Gentiles believe the message. Then notice in v. 5 that “other Jews” were jealous, not a few or some or for that matter a great many. I take that to mean that there were most likely more who were jealous than were convinced.

      Of course, I may also be all wet 🙂

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