11 comments on “Interesting Days

  1. Congrats on your new family members! However, I do have one question for you. How could you not like Chicago?! 🙂 I am a city girl from top to bottom. But the quiet, pretty little small towns along Ole Miss are nice to visit!

    BTW — You post some really nice pics!

    • Thanks Lizzy. As for Chicago…

      I’ve been there many times going back to 1978, my first visit. I’ve been told that Chicago is amazing over and over, going back to elementary school, I even got into a fist fight once over which was better, Chicago or La when a kid from Chicago (who had moved to LA) couldn’t handle the truth that LA is way better; why else had his family moved there? 🙂 There’s the point really, everybody (almost) who tells me Chicago rocks has moved away from there. For me, it lacks the vibrancy of New York, the character of Washington the lifestyle of LA or the beauty of San Francisco or Seattle; it could be any big city.

      My daughter-in-law to be and my son tell me that next visit they’l show me why it’s amazing, so maybe my view will change soon…

      • Every city has its really cool and amazing things that set it apart. I just had to give you a wee rubbing because I am so Chicago. Like I say, you can take the girl out of Chicago but you cannot take Chicago out of the girl!

        Blessings to you today!

  2. God is in His heaven and all is right with the world.

    I love trains. When I took my first government job, it was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I took the Amtrak sleeper car from Washington, DC to Chicago (both cities have amazing stations) and changed trains in Chicago. Halfway to Ann Arbor, the train hit a semi broadside. The frame of the trailer wrapped around the train and plowed up dirt, gravel, and vegetation for a mile or more. As I was sitting by myself in the first row in the first car behind the engine, I was keenly aware of our situation. Then, as in your case, a train was backed from Ann Arbor to our location to pick us up. The damaged engine and cars were dragged back to Chicago.

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