10 comments on “God Has Paul’s Back

  1. I can see why Paul was afraid. The Romans beat and jailed him in Philippi, then the Jews ran him out of Thessalonica, then those same Jews followed him to Berea to cause trouble. So he went into hiding in Athens. Now he’s apparently wondering if the Thessalonica Jews are going to follow him to Corinth. We think of Paul as being brave all the time. He had his moments, though he was still a lot braver than any of us.

  2. ” there is a line that must not be crossed in this model, for if a man rejects God’s grace and seeks to prevent salvation and grace coming to others, he will discover that he is dealing with a God of justice, who will not permit him to deprive others of God’s loving grace.”

    Seems we still need to learn that lesson.

  3. There is also a life and culture lesson for those who would try to impose 21st century life and culture on people who lived in the first century and before. For Paul to be a tent-maker, and for him to join Priscilla and Aquila in a tent-making enterprise, there had to be some demand for tents, not as “recreational-shelters”, but as full-time “homes”. They didn’t have all the modern “conveniences” which we take for granted these day.



  4. I love the idea you draw out about God’s restraint. It’s a constant battle for me, particularly when I see children suffering, to understand why God doesn’t intervene. Very helpful thoughts.

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