14 comments on “Paul in Athens

  1. Following Paul’s example requires that we focus less on “clean-up-crusades” and focus more on “love-campaigns”. In spite of the idolatry and immorality in the cities he visited, Paul never went on a “clean-up-crusade” to “clean the city up”, rather he showed by a Godly life and taught through Godly teaching how the new believers were to live. WE have been given instructions in the Bible about how WE are to live, but we can’t expect unbelievers to be constrained by those instructions, nor should we be surprised when they don’t. We are called to love them “as they are”, not as we would like them to be, because only God can “clean them up”.



  2. One of his converts was an aeropogite. This body decided whether to accept a new god. (They did the deifying.) Some say he was a failure in Athens. Just because Luke did not mention all the converts, it does not mean he was a failure. I’m with you. Paul indeed waxed eloquent here and the church was established here.

  3. On evangelism and not being an arrogant jerk (which I’m still working on, too!), Paul would’ve just come across as a provincial, trying to tell them some “new” scheme (especially the resurrection), when they came from over half a millennium of philosophical discipline. Sadly, we come across that way sometimes with knowledgeable people when we’re trying to correct their worldview.

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