5 comments on “A Sober Farewell, part 3

  1. Yes, even “among your own selves” he said the trouble would come, and he was speaking to elders. Today, it seems so many want a title They want us to call them Elder So-and-So, or Bishop So–and-So or Reverend So-and-So. Why would any humble church leader do that?

  2. It should come as no surprise that people who hold to false doctrine seek leadership positions even in the most “conservative” churches today. How much false doctrine does a person have to believe and advocate before they are disqualified from being in a leadership position in a church? Does it not really matter as long as they believe the “core-tenets” of the faith? In my understanding of Scripture, any one who holds to ANY doctrines which undermine the complete authority of Scripture should be disqualified, but how many churches are that discerning?



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