6 comments on “Paul, Romans and Legal Rights

  1. There is Paul naked and tied to a post – there is the centurion with a brief synopsis (maybe) of why the flogging … I am guessing that Paul didn’t fit the “Roman profile” in that moment (either natural born of paid for).

  2. I have always thought this funny as well, and have wondered two things:

    – Had they already started the flogging, or had he just been stripped down. If the first, then it could cost the Centurion his life, and the commander his citizenship. Or was Paul kind enough to mention it at the start?

    – If Paul had been flogged at all, that could be the mysterious “pain in the side” that Paul spoke of in his letters. A single cast that hit the side instead of the back could cause serious internal injuries.

    • Two very good questions. I’d like to think he was kind, but as you say, who knows for certain? I kind of suspect that if he’d waited, they might have just beat him to death and dumped the body somewhere, blaming everything on assassins from crowd, perhaps finding some nameless victim as culprit and saving themselves. Of course I may have read too many novels over the years 🙂

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