8 comments on “Before the Sanhedrin

  1. When I was writing my historical novel on the life of Paul, I realized most high priests only kept their office for one to three years. Caiaphas was the exception. Paul had been gone from Jerusalem many years working with Gentiles

    18–36 AD – Caiaphas (died shortly after)
    37 AD only – Jonathan (murdered by Felix)
    37-41 AD – Theophilus
    43 AD only – Matthias
    44 AD only – Jonathan (again)
    47-58 AD – Ananias (tried Paul)

    63 AD only – Ananus Jr.
    63-64 AD – Joshua (Gamaliel’s son)

    But, you may be right; Paul probably had poor eye sight and that was why.

  2. Two posts or so ago, you caught my interest and I jumped into Biblegateway and read to the end of Acts in one sitting. I forgive you being the cause of this unforgiveable impatience! Yet I was swept along with the adventure. And yet (!) …

    We are talking “persecution” … we are talking “death sentence” stuff … we are talking brutality and man’s inhumanity to man (all in the name of God) … and yet (!) finding the whole thing hilarious!
    I wonder if we need a similar sense of humour today – a similar sense of God – a similar sense of hope.

    Please keep writing – you give my soul an infusion of God each time you do.

    • This is one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received; thank you Paul. I may well be mistaken, but it seems to me that seeing the pure comedy in certain situations makes it so much easier to strip away the acting jobs and reveal the magnitude of the corruption and hypocrisy in certain situations, both then and now. Let’s face it, High Priest Ananias was a parody of high priest in this scene; if I were to make a video, I’d want Lucille Ball to play the part 🙂

      • That would be some video! Imagine the reaction from all the religious pressure groups! BUT – this approach has caused me to think a lot deeper. Thank you.

        (and thank you for your comment)

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