7 comments on “Giving Praise

  1. Yes Lord we praise thee for your steadfast love and for your tender mercies. For your spirit that reveals the truth to us and gives us words to which we can praise you with. We praise you for your voice that we can hear and for the urgency in our hearts to come when you call. We praise you for the burden we have for the lost world and for the attributes that we have that are like you. We praise you lord for the work that you are doing in us that it would be perfected . God we praise you for we have need of you everyday all the time. We praise you Lord for you have caused us to praise you. Jesus we thank you for sending you Holy Spirit and for the work you have done on the cross for us and for the continued work you do through us to reach the world with your truth. Don this is a much needed desire in the hearts of all mankind. God exist in our praises. Thank you for being obedient in posting this reminder.

    Much love Tom

  2. As I go through my day I am ever thankful for all the Lord shows and gives to me. It is a continuous part of my breath prayer. It does not matter how small or how insignificant it may seem at the time. If God took the time to put it in my path then it is praiseworthy. Praise Him for all He gives you!

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