7 comments on “Rejoicing or Groaning

  1. The distinction between righteous and self-righteous needs to be emphasized. Too often in public life we’re seeing that as what Jesus would call the Pharisees and Sadduces, which has me thinking of Luther’s observation he’d rather be ruled by a competent Turk than an incompetent fellow believer.
    Wicked, of course, will lead to some sharp definitions. Too often, we see good people demonized by others, so maybe that should be a warning to look more closely at the accuser. But now you have me thinking about how many rulers have been essentially wicked, not all of them dictators, by the way.
    Our challenge is to look for that Seed of God in each of them and turn them to it, rather than worldly ways. Not always an easy assignment!

  2. The bar for righteousness is pretty high, few make it. Another way to put this is that everyone has a little larceny in them. With regards to elections, I think most people vote for the person they think is most righteous, everyone just has different standards for what they are willing to compromise on. As far as employment, jobs are hard to find, ones that pay enough to live on, sometimes you just don’t have a choice.

  3. I have worked for “Christians” and I have worked for “heathens”, but I preferred to work for “heathens”. I didn’t expect “heathens” to be “ethical” and “honest”, but most were. I expected that “Christians” would be both “ethical” and “honest”, but NONE of them were. While they were mouthing Scripture and acting “pious”, they were actually worshiping the Almighty-Dollar.

    I was the service manager for a bicycle shop which was owned by a “Christian”, but he was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. He finally fired me because I refused to “pad” my service tickets. He had tried to entice me with “bonuses”, but I refused to treat my customers that way. I had an excellent reputation, while he had a LOUSY reputation. I treated my customers fairly, while he screwed his customers at every turn.

    I expected “heathens” to be “crooked”, but they weren’t. I expected “Christians” to be “fair” and “honest”, but they weren’t. Their “Christianity” was only a veneer.



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  5. Some people elect leaders thinking they are righteous then they turn out to be wicked
    Saul started out anointed by God til he fell from grace with a profane sacrifice
    In a monarchy kings and queens are rarely the people’s choice
    Yes you are right all of us are prone to compromise
    That’s why all leaders must trust God for guidance
    Theres a difference between occasional slip ups and habitual wickedness but moral integrity is a hugely significant quality on behalf of a leader
    The more they move away from biblical foundations of truth the harder it is to believe they will uphold or represent it well.
    It may be necessary for a wicked leader to temporarily remove themselves from leadership in order to humble themselves before the Lord n restore a right relationship with Him n the people whose interests they are supposed to represent

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