12 comments on “Relationship 201

  1. Awesome! praying Gods word back to him is powerful. Prayer is often over looked and underrated. Many of us do not know how to pray. thank you for an amazing lesson!

  2. Thanks, Don. Studying the scripture this way – with the Author “at your elbow” – is never dull. It’s exciting, enlightening, life-changing and motivating! I Peter 1:2, for example: sprinkling of the blood… hmm. This is not addressed to priests (or ministers) only… hmmmm.

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  4. I’m an amateur historian, I like to take a passage, especially in the OT, and examine it, determine what was going on in the Middle East at that time, and try to divine what God’s message meant to the people of the time. Sometimes it takes me to surrounding cultures, sometimes it’s word hunts in the Greek text. To me this is trying to get into God’s mind and seeing His people as He saw them, and what He was trying to convey to them.

    I don’t remember if it was one of your recent posts, or someone else’s, but the pointed out something I found out a long time ago – words change meaning. What a word meant when the text was written (Greek) and when it was translated into English can be vastly different from how we use it today.

    • I agree with your methods; I use a historical/critical method of study in most cases as well. What we’re talking about in this post however, goes beyond that. Classical study provides the foundation, this goes much deeper into God’s point of view, into application.

  5. I am not much of a prayer expert. My approach to “prayer” is studying the Bible. So I listen to the Bible and Christian books on MP3, and I write about what I learn. Of course, I also participate in Bible study. Those are my way of contemplating God’s Word.

    I presume some selectivity is required to make the approach you suggest work. Some passages such as those that involve so and so begot so and so who begot so and so….. are going to be a bit challenging to pray. Or is there a way?

    • interesting question. It all depends… I might suggest that genealogies would be tough for a beginner, but with practice I’d suggest that one might be surprised what the Holy spirit can reveal through His Word; I wouldn’t presuppose anything.

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