13 comments on “Who is Sacred, Who is Not

  1. Grace. Who deserves that? Sacred. Who should we treat as that? Loved. Who should we love and who should we not?
    Let’s take the “who” out of relationship.
    Lovely post Don, got me pondering in all directions.

  2. For me, consciousness is what separates us from the animals. Animals are innocent, but they are simply products of the material world. Humans have the capacity to understand the consequences their actions will have, and the moral implications, good or evil. Humans who choose to ignore this and live like animals are not sacred. Those who strive to live consciously are sacred when they do good. When they do evil, as all do, their sacredness can be restored if they repent what they have done and seek to do good to balance the evil they’ve done. The true desire to do good is what connects us to the power of the universe, the Holy Spirit.

  3. Brilliant, Don, and excellent final question to pose. In the Parable of the Lost Son, which son does the father love more? Obviously, he loves them equally, yet the elder son cannot see it because he is lost, too, in legalism, anger and judgment. And the elder son has twice the treasure, which refuses to partake of.

    • The “same way”? No. As sacred? Yes, for these are the ones He sent His Son to die for; they bear His very image which connects them to God, which, by the way is what “sacred” means. The real question, and the point of the exercise is this: How do we see them?

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  5. I would say both equally grieve God’s heart especially those who willingly Dwell in darkness knowing the truth yet choosing to reject it cos of its implications for their lifestyle or cos of past rejection judging the head of the church by the body ( thanks jackie hill perry) .we will only get into heaven if we are in right standing with God.

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