12 comments on “As Time Goes By

  1. It is all about civics class. Not only do we learn about our Republic we have opportunities to teach our children how our founding fathers set up a very special nation that would be different from the rest of the world. Right down to miles and gallons verses liters and kilometers. God Bless America!

  2. History. Will we learn from it or repeat it. So the wisdom to your daughter has value in that she can see and learn first hand what a person is all about. I was a little girl when I lined the sidewalk to see John F. Kennedy’s motorcade drive by. The confetti falling like raindrops during a summer rain. It was so exciting to see the President and the First Lady. History in the making.

  3. Who is lbj.? What other races have you been involved with. ? You didn’t say your opinion of don or hilary so I won’t push unless you wish to discuss it. I see the merit in allowing your kids to make up their own mind about politics. In America u have the choice of non involvement in the political arm of our Babylon world system. Down under we don’t. One way isn’t necessarily better than the other but I like that you aren’t forced into participating in that pressure.

  4. “Accidentally” my husband, small children and I got to shake hands with Jimmy Carter during a brief campaign stop in Florence, SC. We didn’t know about it in advance, were just out there watching planes land, and were invited to take part in his reception line. It was an incredible moment that none of us will ever forget. Through the years I have met and/or worked for many candidates from city council to US President and I have never regretted any of it. 🙂

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