10 comments on “It is good…

  1. I was a worship minister for several years in the later 80’s and you are right with this. One of the things that I most looked for in choosing praise or worship music was that the music itself helped bring about those things! Some of the songs that talk about future tense are rousing and nice, but they are only effective in congregational worship IF you follow them immediately with songs that either praise or worship right then and there! If you want the Holy Spirit to manifest His presence in the midst of the people, it takes praise right then, not a promise of praise in the future!! Brought back great memories and a great post to remember! Thank you for this!

  2. I will bless the Lord at all times. Truthful statement or general aim 😂 He blesses us 24/7. Gorgeous flowers and reminder of our spectacular author of life whose love for us is limitless n enthusiasm for our interests which reflect His heart is boundless

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