9 comments on “Your Next Move

  1. “What’s our next move? To follow Jesus Christ!”
    You reminded me of an image I hold dear in this topic – floating like a cork in His sea of love and protection. Quite often find myself going in the opposite direction to others. Sometime cannot see a thing. Sometimes wonder why I am going around in circles! But that “current” is His, that “drawing me towards” is His, that love and protection are real.
    I have yet to find many “Christian advisors” who get that way of living – let alone secular “plan for life” gurus.
    Thank you Don, you allowed me to recognise that going around in circles is also His “current”! Been struggling with that recently. 🙂

    • Thank you Paul. Funny thing: Most people don’t seem to want to move closer to Him, so I’d guess if they are going the opposite direction, you’re on the right course. 🙂

  2. I liken what Paul was saying to that of a person pulling on a heavy object with the use of a pulley system. Once you have made head way, don’t slip back to where you once were.

  3. “Follow,,,,” but remember, he leads us from the inside out. Take him where he wants to go today, do what he wants to do with you today. We are co-laborers with Christ and he’s not trying to keep his wishes and plans for today a deep, dark secret.

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