21 comments on “We always find what we are looking for

  1. Don – thank you. You have put into words – so concisely and clearly – what I struggle to write (concisely and clearly). Fill up on His love – and you begin to see His love in everything and everyone and everywhere. Why get bloated on sin when you can get loved-up on love? And all of a sudden sin becomes so less a “burden”.
    THANK YOU!! ((hugs))

    • I appreciate that Paul, thank you. I think you hit on something there: ‘And all of a sudden sin becomes so less a “burden”.’

      Interesting thought, for I’ve noticed that if I’m looking for naughty people and their nasty sins, I find a whole lot of distraction and temptations that I really didn’t need. 🙂

      • Thanks Don. I have found it the only way to get past the roadblock of “love the sinner and not the sin”. When “sin” is in the mix love isn’t. But when I look with and for love and without and not for sin – a sacred human and precious human being shines bright – every time. And where is the burden in that?

        (that is the theory – still figuring out how to make that work with those “sacred beings” who irritate the rest of the human race for no good reason I can see!) 🙂

  2. Excellent! We must look for the best in people, and think on those things that are Godly (Phil 4:8). It is not our place to look for sin, and especially not to judge the sinner – that’s God’s job.

  3. So many of us think we are not influenced by culture and the world, but if we seek to look to much at movies and tv for our moral compass we’ll see changes in our worldly view. I am always working at looking up to God instead of the world… but it takes work for me. I have to really work on this.

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  5. Don thank you! What an eye opening post! So very true look for God and his love everywhere and in everything isn’t that a much better use of our time and energy!

  6. “The Pharisees were the most righteous of all men, and it would appear from the record of Scripture that they were on the lookout for sin, and they found it everywhere in their midst, and they were very quick to point it out, but when the Son of God was in their midst, they missed Him entirely, preferring instead to find sin; that unending search for the sin in their midst was their downfall.” these guys really did miss Him. Your post is eye opening. I love the pictures in your blog as well.

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