2 comments on “A Challenge

  1. Very good, thought provoking read!
    I too often ponder, if I were to be executed because of my faith or given the option to live on earth if I denounced Christ , would I , in the face of death make the right choice , which is obviously to die for Christ !!!!! I believe, living such a hard life as I have already, I would be ready to see and be with my savior !
    Apostle Paul is my absolute favorite disciple of Christ . He was absolutely brilliant and His determination and ambition for spreading the gospel is unfathomable to me!!!!
    However, I believe that Paul lived a very tough life, his conversion was like any other, when Christ met him on the road to Damascus !
    I believe living such a difficult life and his love for Christ lead him to be ready to die so that he could finally be with Christ but his love for doing Gods work made him want to stay so he could help more lost sinners find Christ. What a testimony he left us and example he is….

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