7 comments on “Taking Refuge

  1. I can relate. It seems like you have been peeking into my world some how. When everything in you loves God, you know his word is truth and you believe what God says in his word but life just is not matching what you know is truth. When no one seems to understand and you know the Holy Spirit is comforting you but life it self is overwhelming. One thing I keep telling myself, Satan was trying to convince Job’s mind, his thoughts, that God abandoned him. The battlefield is our mind and we need to watch our tongue and guard our thoughts and heart. This too shall pass.

  2. We need as Christian brothers and sisters, whether we agree on everything or not, to remember that this is one way to have one another’s “spiritual” backs! We need to remind one another when life itself seems to “be against us” that the Giver of Life is ALWAYS FOR us!!! Great Word as always Don!! God bless!

  3. When I am at the end of my rope and have nowhere to turn, then God can come in and show me His power in a way that I cannot understand when all is going “well”. In actuality, it is when He acts through me and/or on my behalf that things are truly Well. Praise His name for His steadfast love and goodness.

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