6 comments on “A Wonderful Message!

  1. As I read these verses just now, before reading your commentary, Romans 8:28-39 popped into my mind.

  2. You know, if people took more thought into verses took out of context. It would bring them to truth. That is actually, in my opinion, one of the better misquoted ones. Because I think work out your own salvation with fear and trembling alone, Says a lot. I do thank God for the ones who will go into the full message. it is a great thing to see! another thought. if your not caring about going to hell. You are probably not caring to be a better person either. I pray for people like you and that it lead people to the greater picture of things. I do not believe God wanted anybody to suffer, and when we all start becoming more knowledgeable to the Word and the meaning with in it. We may have a chance in this world. Either way without all my rambling, let me get to the point. GREAT MESSAGE! God bless you and yours and thank you for watering our souls!

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