5 comments on “No, don’t do it!

  1. Very well said, and a deep question at the conclusion. You’ve given me pause to consider times I have drifted away. I am always so glad when He lovingly draws me back to His side in these times. And I learn each time so maybe I will avoid the next drift. Thanks for a compelling blog post.

  2. “For the time being, I might suggest that each of us consider this warning. OK, we might not have been Jewish, and we might not be living under Nero’s persecution, but are we ever tempted to “drift away?” Are we ever tempted to slack off, get lazy, not care…? What will be running through your mind if this kind of temptation ever comes your way?”

    How about bored because nothing ever happened. No kidding, there was one church I went to where we did street meetings once a month and it was like nothing ever happened.. There was one place where I worked and some stuff happened. One guy was demon possessed unfortunately and me as a 1 year Christian came off second best cause I had no idea what I was doing. Apart from that nothing ever happens. 😦

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