8 comments on “Growing Up Spiritually

  1. Enjoyed this! Do you think the reason so many do not mature is because it is something they need to do on their own? They don’t have the passion it takes to grow in the Word & thru the Word. What has happened to that passion after salvation that caused the early church to mature and share the Gospel? What does today’s church and shepherds need to do to help others realize there is more to this walk than initial salvation and feel good milk? Thanks for all your post!

    • It isn’t always a good idea to generalize these things, but if I were going to guess, I’d say that one reason is that we leave people to mature on their own, when that is what community is for, and second, because the whole process is very much counter-intuitive.

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  3. Good points. The early church didn’t seem to look at becoming a Christian as a one-time event like we seem to do. “Went to the altar, said the sinner’s prayer…check. Add Jesus to my busy life and move on…” No, they saw it as the ongoing cooperative process of forming Christ in them, participating in the divine nature. Christ who is our life is now becoming our life. Of course, they weren’t living in comfort and ease like us either. Learning how to walk by faith as a believer was critical for survival when facing the constant threat of persecution. As you are pointing out so well, this letter was written to these Jewish believers so that they wouldn’t give in to the pressure.

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