20 comments on “A Word About the Author of Hebrews

  1. Points well taken. Another way to look at these questions is to apply them as lenses, like the ones used in an eye exam. How does it look from Paul’s perspective? What we know of Barnabas? How are our interpretations filtered through Augustine or Luther or Calvin? What do we see starkly without those later perspectives? And then there’s the approach we take individually, whether we see Scripture as law to be obeyed or else, or as records of individual experiences with the Divine.

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  3. Well, these NT letters weren’t written on stone. Pieces tear away, especially at the top and bottom.

    I read a novel once about Priscilla and Aquila. Guess who the author of the novel thought wrote Hebrews? Interesting thought.

  4. I did a fair bit of research on it way back when I was memorizing the book and as a result my opinion comes down quite hard that Paul was not the author. I don’t remember the details now but the main points against him imo are these. The discursive style is different than in his epistles. There are phrases used in Greek here that are different from normal Pauline usage. The author uses different OT quotes in different ways than normal Paul. Finally, the author of Hebrews refers to Timothy as “our brother”. Paul always only calls him “my son”.

  5. Hi, a theological student (a friend of mine) was given the task of reviewing the current literature on the topic. Once he had done so, he read John Owen — 17th century writer — who dealt with everyone of the modern objections to Paul’s authorship of Hebrews. Owen’s conclusion was to the effect that, if it wasn’t written by Paul, there is no other person known to history who could have done it.

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  7. I Have always heard Paul, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Paul’s teacher, Gamaliel was the author. He fits. Perfect in language. Perfect in historical facts and law. Just an idea.

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