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  2. Did I read wrong or did you combine the person Melchizedek and the “type” that he represents? I got kind of lost there in the middle, sorry. I don’t normally combine the two, leaving the person separate from the “type” that Jesus fulfills. I have a different view of Melchizedek than most, at least I don’t get much agreement for my viewpoint.

    I also got lost where you dealt with the oath. Were you meaning that the Levitical Priests didn’t take oaths of office, or did you mean that the line of Aaron wasn’t established by an oath of God. Because if I’m not mistaken, God did make an oath with Aaron and his line about being priests. Anyway, I got kind of lost there too.

    And as I’m fairly fuzzy-brained at the moment, I don’t want to assume I got any of that right, honestly.

    • Hey Matt…

      This isn’t difficult. All you really need to do is this: Just for five minutes, forget everything you’ve been taught, and just slowly let the text (Hebrews) soak in. Then compare it with what you already know, and see what happens. 🙂

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