3 comments on “Superior Sacrifice – Superior Covenant

  1. But churches everywhere dip back into that old covenant to the parts they like: A separate priesthood, special garments, candles, choirs, orchestras, incense, tithing, etc. As Paul said when getting aggravated at people who insisted on Christians being circumcised and saying they may as well go the whole way with castration, when churches want to dip back into the old covenant, why don’t they resume animal sacrifices and stoning for adultery? But, people do not know what was in the Old Covenant (never read Leviticus), so don’t know they’re doing it. They think those things are just nice things to do. Paul said in Romans 10:1 that his heart’s desire was for a certain people to be saved because they had a “zeal for God, but not according to knowledge”. So now I’m off my soap box.

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