10 comments on “Last Will and Testament

  1. Excellent! I think so many Christians miss this point, and it is so simple. God’s will is the New Testament, and it came in force for us when His only Son died. since we are joint heirs with Christ, ..we receive all the benefits from the will. Every promise in the book is mine!

  2. I feel like I am taking a test back in college. I hope my answer is correct. I believe we have our faith swearing ceremony at the time we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior and then get baptized to show our faith in Him.

  3. Thanks, Don. I remember reading these verses when I was a member of a religious denomination whose priests “re-presented” Christ’s sacrifice again and again, at every mass. I remember being thrown into a tizzy when I first read Hebrews 9, I could not reconcile it with what I was taught to believe.

  4. Another good question to ponder here. Covenants are between two parties, right? The Old Covenant was cut between God and the people of Israel. As we know, Israel failed to live up to it and experienced the curses. But if the New Covenant was cut between Jesus and the Father, and Jesus already fulfilled it, then how can we break it? Answer: we can’t. We’re only party to it by being placed in Christ. And a covenant that’s already fulfilled cannot be broken in the future. We can only believe it by faith, like Abraham (but we look to the past). And, in this way, Jesus removed the curses of not living up to our end of the covenant by fulfilling it for us! I think that’s a lot better covenant! 🙂

    Again, great series on Hebrews. Love it.

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