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A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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6 Responses to Love

  1. Such a simple statement; so unfathomable to comprehend and embody. ❤

  2. davidlee45 says:

    Pastor Alistar Begg shared a sermon on love from 1st Corinthians 13. It was very unique and I borrowed it for one of my books; Straight is the Gate, Narrow is the Way. I’ll see if I can find it and post it here.

  3. davidlee45 says:

    Here is the Love article, it was in my Feb. 2015 archives on my blog: In these next verses, it tells us how we are to live our new life or the life that we should have been living all along. In 1 Corinthians chapter 13, commonly known as the “LOVE” chapter. This teaches us how to live our life and I will show you how the example plays out. GOD and JESUS talk about charity in this chapter and in essence Charity is LOVE, Starting at

    1 Corinthians 13:4

    GOD suffereth long, JESUS suffereth long, Your Name suffereth long.

    GOD is Kind, JESUS is Kind, Your Name is Kind.

    GOD envieth not, JESUS envieth not, Your Name envieth not.

    GOD vaunteth not himself, JESUS vaunteth not himself, Your Name vaunteth not himself.

    GOD is not puffed up, JESUS is not puffed up, Your Name is not puffed up.

    GOD does not behave himself unseemingly, JESUS does not behave himself unseemingly, Your name does not behave himself unseemingly.

    Love seeketh not her own.

    (Don’t be so full of yourself.)

    Love faileth not.

    Walk in Love and you won’t fail either.

    GOD is not easily provoked, JESUS is not easily provoked, Your Name is not easily provoked.

    GOD thinketh no evil, JESUS thinketh no evil, Your Name thinketh no evil.

    GOD rejoiceth not in iniquity, JESUS rejoiceth not in iniquity, Your Name rejoiceth not in iniquity.

    GOD rejoices in the truth, JESUS rejoices in the truth, Your Name rejoices in the truth.

    GOD beareth all things, JESUS beareth all things, Your Name beareth all things.

    GOD believeth all things, JESUS believeth all things, Your Name believeth all things.

    GOD hopeth all things, JESUS hopeth all things, Your Name hopeth all things.

    GOD endureth all things, JESUS endureth all things, Your Name endureth all things.

    GOD never faileth, JESUS never faileth, Your Name never faileth.

    This is how we are supposed to live our life along with GOD’s Commandments, plus JESUS’ teachings. Is this so difficult in life? Really? Look at the never faileth part…hard to believe, but with GOD and JESUS in our heart, we cannot fail. Look at David who killed Goliath with such a strong faith and love in GOD. A young boy facing a giant, Goliath a man of war since his youth slain by a believer of GOD. Nothing is impossible with GOD and JESUS. But in this world today in which we live, who and what are we turning to? I can tell you the list is very long and GOD and JESUS are not a part of it. We turn to the seven deadly sins and Satan’s deceptions. To cope, we turn to chemicals and booze and sexual lusts to name a few. Shame on us and shame on our ignorance. I speak to you the truth, because this has been the experience in my life for 35 years. Today I have peace and deliverance from the bonds of addiction and alcoholism and true love in my heart. I have no desire to drink or use or pursue the evils of the world in ignorance and lack of maturity. Use your gift of sight to study for yourself, open your heart because your ways and beliefs have not done you much good.

  4. davidlee45 says:

    Forgot to quote that last post, I was lecturing in my book, so don’t take that last statement wrong as it wasn’t intended for you. I was speaking to the alcoholics and addicts…lol

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