6 comments on “For They Will Inherit the Earth

  1. I once tried to prove that the Greek word here “ge”, held the same meaning as the Hebrew word for “land” as in “land of promise”. It didn’t work very well. The Greek word (unlike so many other words they had) was very generic. I was hoping it was more specific, more like the Hebrew word. Then I was shown that the Hebrew word had a lot of latitude as well, and the whole project just collapsed.

    What I did learn though is that the Greek word is supposed to differentiate between earth and sky. That was interesting. That’s so wide, that it makes the inheritance of the meek rather amazing. But then, as the term specifically excludes heaven, is it really such a wonderful inheritance?

    I kind of imagine this beatitude as describing a group of people who watch the contests of the rest of humanity without engaging, from the sidelines, and then are the only ones left when the dust settles. It reminds me of several battles recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures that the Israeli’s experienced when their enemies first defeated themselves, and there was nothing left for the Israeli army to do. Like that. The one in the storm with the disciples while Jesus sleeps in the back of the boat, and instead of panicing they’re smiling and texting a picture of the giant waves to a friend with the caption, “Aren’t they cool?”

    • I always think of the Lord’s Prayer, about what it actually says: “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” and that always brings my mind to the point where God removes all evil from the earth and His Kingdom is established in its fullness, not for a time but for all eternity, and I am awestruck by what it means to be a co-heir with Christ.

  2. So very true. I am not my own. I was bought with a price by Jesus. Check out my current and upcoming theological and political posts. Follow for follow. Have a great day!

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