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  2. Another thing that’s amazing and significant about Abraham that I don’t hear many bring out is that he believed in the resurrection of Isaac (if necessary). I think that’s part of what the New Testament writers are getting at when they quote, “Abraham believed and it was counted to Him for righteousness.” In Abraham’s primitive world (by our standards), human sacrifice was not unusual. As repulsive as it would be to our modern minds, for Abraham to sacrifice Isaac would not have required unusual faith. What make Abraham unusual, and what the writer makes sure we know here is that he believed God would raise Isaac from the dead, which was unusual, and this is what makes him a father of our Christian faith, for we believe Christ defeated death on the cross, and He will raise us up again. Abraham is a prototype of this kind of faith.

    Like you, I LOVE Hebrews! So deep and rich. Thanks again for doing this series.

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