12 comments on “Leaders

  1. I have a general distrust in political leaders, because from what I have seen , they only do things that benefit their campaigns and their careers . Well to each his on…. I am sure there are exceptions to the rules

  2. This hits the nail on the head.. the most rewarding, but also the most scrutinized..I know when I first stepped into a role I was under a very heavily critiqued eye. Over time more acceptance came and later encouragement. That first year was hard though. When God places us in a role and our heart is in the right place he always comes through. There were times I questioned are you sure? I know I heard you, but was this right? Everything seems so hard.. but that struggle helped me stretch and grown in facing adversity as a leader . Which in turn, has prepared me 3 years later for this next chapter. 🙂

  3. Read it Don and started to cry. The burden (as I’m sure you are aware) can at times appear to be overwhelming when you are trying to balance truth with unconditional love. Your heart feels like it is breaking because you DO love God’s children and not just those claiming to be His, but His creation as well! I have been an “active” leader, behind the pulpit and such and I have been a “passive” leader, one who still must do what the Holy Spirit says to do from whatever position or place I am given. A SERVANT, you pegged it right, a servant never stops serving until the Lord calls them home and says well-done though good and faithful servant! You might feel like a break, but that calling is ALWAYS, tugging at your heart! The things you see all around you, all the time is at times more than what some other ministries such as organizations, or giver, might see. They all fulfill their ministries and faithfully, but some ministries, depending on the calling carry such a weight of responsibility and yet, I know that old saying that “those who He calls He equips.”

    Love is the key, it is always the key, but not everyone recognizes love for what it truly is. When Jesus said to Peter, “Get behind me satan, for what you want is NOT the will of the Lord” (paraphrased) can you imagine the thoughts running through Peter’s mind and after he just emphatically said to Jesus that He wouldn’t die? Jesus LOVED Peter in that exchange. It was a love based on eternity and the importance of the Father’s will! I shook Peter up and he started to see the truth more clearly but I would imagine it struck him deeply!

    Great post my brother. Much needed and I truly pray as others read it, they meditate on it, take it to heart and pray for one another’s ministries/service toward each other and toward the Lord! We NEED one another and we need to remember that diversity is NOT the same as division!

    Love you and God bless you for all you do for ALL of us!

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