8 comments on “The Word Became Flesh

  1. I love your chart illustration! I will have to remember that one. It gives a great picture of who Jesus is and what He is like, while helping reveal what we are really like in comparison. It is the perfect balance, not all one way or the other.

  2. John 1:14 may be the most marvelous verse in all of Scripture, because, by Jesus’ Incarnation, God’s Plan of Redemption, which was inaugurated in Genesis 3:15, went from being a “plan” to being a “done-deal” through Jesus’ shed-blood and finished-work on our behalf. Jesus’ Incarnation is THE “hinge-pin” of redemption-history.



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  4. Yes, I love John’s gospel. You can tell by his words he knew Jesus as his personal friend and Lord. He knew him as “the Word made flesh, full of grace and truth.” He understands the highest knowledge flows from the heart more than the head, as friends and lovers know and love each other. Many years ago I asked a mentor if there might be a single word that summarizes God’s truth. I still believe his answer is best. It was “relationship.” Relational knowing and loving Jesus, one another, our neighbor and yes, ourselves, is what it’s all about (John 13: 34, 35; 17: 3; 21,22)

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