7 comments on “Jesus Calls Disciples

  1. “This section deals with the call of disciples of Jesus. It is interesting to note that this concept has its beginning as a reaction to the testimony of John, as opposed to any sort of dramatic event. None of them had angelic messages or voices from on high; they simply reacted to the person of Jesus Christ. Why is that noteworthy? Because that is exactly how you and I are “called”. I’ve never met a man who claimed that he was a follower of Christ because he had experienced a personal audience with an angel, prophet or indeed God Himself. He simply reacted to who Jesus is.”

    Actually Don I had a personal encounter with the Father 🙂 I had the gospel given to me 5 years previously and after a bit of a losing experience I sent a prayer up “God what do I do now”? The answer came with a booming voice, “Follow my Son”, and my life changed.

    • Well now I’ve “met” one!

      Thank you for sharing that Steve, and I join you in rejoicing that God answered your cry with clarity and decisiveness in a life-changing way.

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  3. Jesus’ answer to where he was staying was, “Come and see.” Philip’s answer to Nathaniel was, “Come and see.” A song I just feel compelled to hear once in a while is “Come and See” by Jim Cole. It speaks so wonderfully of what it means to see Jesus. It says “Come and see a man from heaven … he has seen the face of God … A voice crying in the wilderness, ‘Follow me’ “, ending with “Could it be, we will see the face of God?” Thankfully I was able to record it, since I’ve not been able to find it anywhere since.

    Indeed, “Come and see” is the best invitation we can give to an inquirer. Question is, are they seeing in me something that makes them want to inquire; are they seeing in me that life in Jesus is desirable?

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