8 comments on “A Sabbath Healing

  1. I think there are many instances where Christianity has relied more on traditions of man for its holiness than the word of God. I think growing in spiritual maturity is partly about confronting these traditions in our own hearts and putting them back into their proper places.

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  3. First of all apologies for a late comment. Very busy working.

    There is also something interesting about this passage that everybody misses. Generally everybody comes to Jesus to be healed. Of course at this pool side nobody knows who Jesus is to ask Him to heal them. Jesus of course knowing everything knows that this guy is most likely to respond in some faith. Jesus heals the guy. Now this is the interesting part. Nobody else at the pool side asks Jesus to heal them. Think about this a minute. A bunch of cripples are hanging around waiting to be healed by a ‘stirring’ of water then some guy with a word heals one of the cripples who has been there 38 years and walks away with his mat and not one of the others asks Jesus to heal them. Does anybody else find this rather strange and fascinating at the same time. I think that says a lot about faith.

    • You have indeed raised an interesting point there Steve. You’d think that even lacking faith someone would speak up after the guy was walking around.

      As for me, I’ve always wondered how the pool could be stirred up on the Sabbath, not to mention how you could climb in or out of it. 🙂

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